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Lately, it has been very important to have a good overview of the capital markets , where important events take place every day . Ignorance of these changes and their consequences can cause unexpected hardships and losses in real life. To eliminate these effects Raiffeisenbank has prepared for you either long-term investment opportunity or short-term trading in the capital markets .

Each of you has the opportunity to invest in the capital markets in different instruments and in many foreign markets, according to their needs, such as your preferences for risk of individual instruments of investment, etc.

Portal and Broker

The Investment portal offers several functionalities. Besides the overview of basic economic information, market price movements of different instruments, exchange and commodities, you have the opportunity to try trading " rough". The summary of significant reports you can see in Reports and analysis section. In section Markets you see different instruments with its prices. Investment options overview can be found in Investment products section. Furthermore, you can educate yourself in section Academy of investment and try to follow the prices and try to input test orders after a simple registration in section my RBroker .

Real trading is highly automated and Broker is under the supervision of dealers of Treasury Department. Broker provides a complete overview of the invested portfolio and its performance, business overview , order status, status of the investment account and other necessary information.



For advices and questions + answers you can use FAQ page





How to start?

1. Sign the agreement at branch of the bank. You can find suitable branch or contact it directly via email through "envelope" in footer on this page below

2. Get envelope with PIN

3. Place first planned investment on you account, and to decide how to invest (regularly or one shot)

4. Read and learn about every product at the Academy of investment

5. Choose suitable investment

6. Login into RBroker

7. Execute order

8. If you would like to test the trading first, use menu myRBroker and e.g. Virtual portfolio




To access some websites in the menu you need to be registered on the portal or logged into RBroker.

Registration is available in the menu myRBroker.

For details visit RBroker page.