RBroker is an online capital market trading platform that offers access to spot and term orders and contracts, all in real time. Trading is largely automated, but the system is monitored by treasury dealers.

    How to Get Access?

    To gain access to RBroker, Commisionary Agreement incorporating special ‘RBroker’ addendum needs to be signed. Please talk to your relationship banker about gaining access.

        Terms & Conditions

        • Current Investment Account(s) – Clients have to maintain accounts in corresponding currency denominations with Raiffeisenbank in order to execute any trade.
        • Mobile Phone – Mobile phone is used as a secured channel for communicating login credentials after client’s setup. Mobile phone is not used for login purposes.
        • Minimum Volume – Just like with trades executed over the phone, trades executed in RBroker have to meet certain volume requirements. A trading order will not be accepted if its face value is less than choosen exchange requires.
        • Trading hours - trade and execute orders is possible from 9.00 till 18.00 CET (Central European Time) and portfolio servis is available all day (24 hours).
        • DON potrfolio - of course you can invest to selected group of funds via RBroker directly but on the other hand you can get a view at your existing Don portfolio.  In this case you have to consider that each DON trade is visible in RBroker after its settlement (approx. after 10 days). 
        • Product Conditions - you can find Czech version in attachment. English version is under reconstruction.

        Link to RBroker

        Equity Desk:

        Eva Polánová +420 234 401 803
        Jakub Schermer +420 234 401 838
        Jakub Veselský +420 234 401 819
        Marek Štamberg +420 234 401 827