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Underlying price- Change underlying- Starting value1,245.86 Next Express valuation level1,245.86
MSCI Emerging Markets Nachhaltigkeits Express
AT0000A2U2Q0 / RC05EG
MSCI Emerging Markets Top ESG Select 5% Decrement Index
Underlying price
Starting value
EUR 1,245.86
Observation redemption level
on the final valuation date
Early redemption level
1,245.86 / 1,245.86 / 1,245.86 / 1,245.86 / 1,245.86
Early redemption price
109.00% / 118.00% / 127.00% / 136.00% / 145.00%
Denomination / nominal
EUR 1,000
About the term
Initial valuation date
Dec 09, 2021
Issue date
Dec 10, 2021
Valuation dates
Dec 08, 2022 / Dec 07, 2023 / Dec 06, 2024 / Dec 08, 2025 / Dec 07, 2026
Final valuation date
Dec 07, 2026
Maturity date
Dec 11, 2026
Product classification
Investment Product without Capital Protection
Security type (eusipa Nr.)
Express Certificate (1260)
Express Certificate Type
Express Certificate
MSCI Emerging Markets Top ESG Select 5% Decrement Index
Country / region of underlying
Suited market expectation
sideways, bullish
Spread homogenised
Spread in %
Product currency
Underlying currency
Settlement method
Cash settlement
Tax treatment
Capital Gains Tax / No EU Withholding Tax
Public offer in
Austria, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Slovenia
Vienna, Stuttgart

The certificate MSCI Emerging Markets Sustainability Express offers an annual opportunity for early redemption, enabling investors to obtain a yield of 9% per year if the MSCI® Emerging Markets Top ESG Select 5% Decrement Index quotes at or above its starting value at one of the valuation dates. If the index quotes below the starting value, the term extends by another year - up to a maximum of five years. In the event of a barrier violation at the final valuation date, the investor is entirely subject to market risk and the redemption is 1:1 according to the index performance.Details on the index can be found on the website of the index provider MSCI by selecting the respective index in the dropdown menu.

This certificates complies with the sustainability standard for Raiffeisen Certificates and takes into account important adverse impacts on sustainability factors ("PAIs").